Happy Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims were thankful that they’d landed safely. After a harsh winter, they had a bountiful harvest and feasted for three days with those that helped them survive—the Indians. Because when they were at their lowest, scared for their very survival, a strange people welcomed them to the land and taught them and helped them, and equivalent to today’s friendships, picked them up when they were down.  To celebrate, they ate too much and enjoyed each others company.

Traditionally, people say they are thankful for their health and family and friends. But do you really need a special day to say thanks to those around you? And should you follow that day with nothing short of sanctioned looting, where people are suddenly rushing for the best deals and rude to each other and pushing and shoving and overall showing a not-very-thankful attitude? No.

Eat your turkeys, drink your wine, hug your family and laugh with your friends… and tomorrow, should you venture out on Black Friday, remain thankful. Give that last great deal on the shelf to the other person reaching for it. Point out an equivalent item you saw elsewhere to the disappointed shopper staring at an empty pallet, even if it means them beating you to it. Smile, be polite, and remember—just because you have left-overs from the feast doesn’t mean you should treat others with re-heated emotions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I’m thankful for each and every one of you today. Just as I was yesterday. And I will be next Tuesday as well, for no good reason other than the fact that you’re there and allow me to tag along on this adventure we call life.

And because this would be traditionally a Coffee Talk day… just what is your favorite part of the feast [the food, not the company], and why? Do you only have it Thanksgiving? Why?!!

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  • Ron says:

    My favourite part is always the stuffing. Why? Because I make it, and I my turkey dinner effin’ rocks! The entire meal is mine to prepare, and everyone knows to stay the hell out of my kitchen. I’m fairly obsessive about it. The only time anyone else is allowed near it is when my wife makes the gravy (I bow to her superior gravy skills). I am Poultry King of our house!

    But it’s the stuffing that makes it for me. I use my mother’s old recipe, but customize it. It’s a fairly simple stuffing,but it is sooooo delicious. My Mother-in-law, famous for her own stuffing, used to get pissed off because everyone, including her own daughters, would be proclaiming “This is best stuffing ever!” right in front of her. heh.

    So, although my Thanksgiving has already passed, I wish you and your kids a very Happy Thanksgiving as well, Kelli. I’m thankful for you too. :)

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