Happy Turkey Day!

thankgivingYes, it’s that time of year where I get horrible at posting blogs. This year will be no exception. Deal with it. If I can’t figure out when to write fiction during the holidays, I’m really not worried about the blog. Just adopt my new favorite mantra, “I don’t care,” and you’ll be fine.

That said…

It’s been an interesting year. Our couch has had squatters, our picnic table became a therapy couch, there was bickering and spatting and infighting among the ‘family’, and both our grill and kitchen have been worked overtime to keep up with the demands of the multiple mouths. It’s been Thanksgiving all year at Casa Kelbert. And while the lack of peace or privacy have on occasion been frustrating, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m thankful for all the nuts surrounding me: their highs and lows, wisdom and idiosyncrasies. Hell, I moved out here to be near them and their insanities =)

But I’m not here to talk about what I’m thankful for. That’s what everyone blogs about today. I’m sure I’ve covered it in the past. While I agree that those things often change from year to year and you could just do that every year with a new and improved list, the idea is the same. And my core response is the same: be thankful more often, damn it!

Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday. Hmmm… Sounds like garage talk to me! So, let’s play multiple games, since there’s multiple things on the table.

First, answer here: what are your three—not one, but three—favorite things about Thanksgiving? And if you choose food, be specific.

My answers would be:

  1. Mom’s gravy. It’s an evil and simple trick to amazing gravy and I have adopted it. It has in turn become the single most ingredient for my famous day-after-bob’s-bird turkey soup. That’s right… I put the left-over gravy in the soup. It’s the only food secret you’ll ever get out of me, so jot it down, abuse it, enjoy it!
  2. The parade. I’m 12 at heart and this is especially true with the parade. Probably because I lived where Thanksgiving = cold, and can enjoy Macy’s happiness in my PJs from the couch.
  3. My family doesn’t fight. I’ve heard nightmares about families at each other’s throats during the holidays. There are a plethora of jokes, from comedians and every day Joes alike, regarding “getting together once a year and realizing once is too often”. The only issues we have are mom’s early morning flurry of “stay out of her way” (which she’s doing right now, by the way), followed by the kitchen wars—which I take no part in. It’s not “too many cooks in the kitchen.” It’s more like a cockfight with two female cooks both trying to be in charge. I avoid it and just enjoy what comes from the battle.

Second, play along on twitter: #QOT. I’m replacing “Quote of the Moment/Minute/Day/whatever you usually do” today with “quote of thanksgiving”. Whenever you hear someone say they’re “thankful for…” tweet it!

And there it is. The 2010 Thanksgiving blog. I understand if you wait to answer the first one until you recover from the tryptophan myth. But you can play along with the twitter game today. Above all, remember to be thankful… and not just today!!

0 Responses to Happy Turkey Day!

  • As always, this is a great blog post.
    My answers to your three questions are quite trite, but here goes:
    1) Family. My mom and oldest brother are dead and there absence just makes this whole Thanksgiving-Get/Eat/Fight-Together all the more poignant;
    2) “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Of course.
    3) My husband’s fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest. Yeah, he rocks in the kitchen and watching him do his thing is pretty amazing. Specifically boiling the cranberries, adding a little cognac or brandy, etc. It’s phenomenal.

  • wolfnoma says:

    1. I’m thankful for the fact that Thanksgiving usually affords me the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.
    2. Football. I love it and I enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of the crowd booing a Ref, Coach or QB for some bonehead mistake.
    3. Being able to stay in my pajamas until company either arrives at my home or I have to go to someone elses house.

  • Jeff Prettyman says:

    1.Food is the star. I’m a chef and I love to spend the days preceding Thanksgiving doing prep work to set myself up for smooth sailing in the kitchen on the Big Day. Prepping ahead and not drinking booze until the bird is out of the oven are my keys to sucsess.
    2.Football. Tossing around the ol’ pigskin and then watching it on TV and pretending it resembles what I was doing earlier.
    3. Food. We went to my brother in laws house this year and came home with zero leftovers. So, yesterday I had a Thanksgiving do-over and recreated the whole shebang for a household of three. Dee-lish. Turkey soup for dinner tonight, sans gravy, rocked !
    4. Family

  • Brian Keene says:

    “our picnic table became a therapy couch”

    And I reckon it could double as a church altar in 2012…

  • Kelli says:

    closed and moved http://kelliowen.com/?p=505

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