Hearts & Hangovers

Happy Monday-after! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, full of love and romance and sex [I vaguely remember having that once, okay twice that we can prove]. The hearts and pink/red decor have been all over the stores since 12:01 a.m. on Christmas morning and right about now WalMart workers everywhere are putting out Easter candy. Time to move on… sorta.

So what does a newly divorced chick have to say about Valentine’s Day? Not much. But I wouldn’t have had much to say any other year either. It was never a big deal in our house [much to his relief, I’m sure]. And as the calendar would have it, the kids were at their dad’s this year, so it was just me here for the market-it-to-death-and-make-men-everywhere-feel-guilty holiday.

I bought myself some lovely flowers… they brighten the room up and help me remember winter won’t last forever. Had steak and shrimp [nope, no soup]. And worked my fingers to the bone. I finished a new short story, worked on the novel [researched the HELL out of things and had a good time with it. I LOVE when a character just comes to live for you!], and fed several polished pieces to the submission monster [he really needs to brush his teeth, the slime is getting funky]. I had music going and didn’t have to get my mood/taste approved by anyone, drank more coffee than some small towns do in an entire year…

And remembered that love isn’t purchased in a store or offered up once a year in obligatory fashion. It’s something inside. It’s something you own already.

And for those of you who have found someone that you let share that glow, great! But for those of you that haven’t, don’t worry, just remember… it’s not that we don’t have anyone to love, it’s that we don’t have to share our sunshine with anyone else—we can be stingy and keep it to ourselves. Because in the end, if you don’t love yourself, you’ll never ever be truly able to love anyone else. So far I heart me and everything I’m finding under the layers, and I didn’t need an official holiday to find that. Now if I could just get the smell of onion off me… someone pass the lemon juice, that usually works! [Next holiday… green beer! The strangest idea since pickling perfectly good eggs]

Oh, and for anyone that may have missed by random weekend update, I have a new message board courtesy of Brian Keene… come on over and play!!

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