Here comes the storm!

MaelstomLogoPaul at Thunderstorm reports Maelstrom Volume 1: A Gathering of Crows, The Rising  Deliverance (which includes “Spilled Milk” short by me, me, me!), and Six Days (me, me, me!) has shipped. All domestic orders have gone out, as of this morning, via media mail. International and Bookseller orders are being processed now. If you ordered multiple sets, they will arrive in multiple shipments (one set per box).

Paul also says…

The books turned out pretty damn cool if you ask me. Russ’s artwork really shines on the jackets… computer screens don’t do it justice. And they line up pretty nice and neat… Zach McCain (jacket) and Leigh Haig (interiors) did a great job incorporating the “set” concept. But best of all, I really feel privileged to publish these stories. Levi and Martin are my favorite Keene characters. I remember when I first read The Rising (6-7 years ago) Brian’s characterization of Martin is what really hooked me into buying more (almost all) of his stuff. And Levi, in ways, is even a stronger character. And if Six Days is Kelli Owens first novel, I have zero doubt about buying anything in the future with her name on the cover.

Brian says…

I couldn’t agree with him more about Kelli Owen’s work. I think you will too, when the books arrive. And although I’m sick to death of zombies, it was nice to return to the world of The Rising and revisit Reverend Martin. Of all my characters, he (along with Tony Genova and Levi Stoltzfus) remains my favorite.

I say…

As much as I’ve proclaimed my dislike for zombies, writing a story in Brian’s Rising Universe was not just a priviledge and honor, but fun, and I hope you all enjoy it.  …as soon as you finish reading my novel =)

We’ve got a thread going on the message board already… feel free to drop by with comments and questions, opinions and complaints, once you’ve received your copies.

And again, thank you to everyone that ordered. I appreciate the spirit of both support and faith in my abilities.

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  • wolfnoma says:

    Got mine! LOVE IT! All you folks out there who missed out… you may one day know the glory of Maelstrom with a great story by Kelli!

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