Last Tuesday at noon my little man—my baby—my Sparky—hit puberty. Of course, when I say “hit” I mean slammed into it like a speeding car and a brick wall. Innocence came to a screeching halt. And in response, I just smiled.

[As the girl and I are preparing to go to the bridal shop to find a gown for her winter formal.]
“I’m comin’ with.”
Really? Why? It’s going to be a bunch of teenage girls trying on dresses…

At Wal-Mart, with a friend in tow. They’re both giggling. The giggles get louder every time a girl walks by, or we walk through the the cosmetics, or go anywhere near the girl’s clothes. I just watch. I say nothing. And then I see it. I can’t help it and I laugh out loud.

I saw you…
“What?” The tremble in his voice is explained by the red of his face.
I saw you checking out that girl.
“Oh yeah?” Like I’m wrong and he can prove it. “What were we looking at?”
Her butt!
Now I’m really laughing and turn away from them… just as we pass sporting goods and there’s a box for some exercise equipment at the end of the aisle with some chick on the front in a leotard.
Oh look, more butt!!
*And two boys disappear, sheer embarrassment steering their escape*

Yep, Tuesday at noon. Good-bye baby fat, hello squeaky voice. But why do I share? Because paying attention, people watching, etc. is such fun and a good thing for the writer’s mind, but some days, having kids can be amazing for the muse. It helps you remember those ages, those feelings, that awkwardness and excitement. Considering I’ve got a coming of age rolling around the back of my skull [after GS], the timing couldn’t be better.

Thank you, puberty, for the memory-jarring cheap entertainment. Now if you could just help me explain why it’s OK to talk to your mom about sex without turning eight shades of red, I’d appreciate it!  Meanwhile, I will continue to giggle and tease, as he grows into a healthy young man with a good sense of humor…

And in other news, if you follow my twitter you should also follow Thaumatrope… then you will catch my [3rd of 5] uber-short when it appears, sometime today. And of course, in case you missed it, I have a new message board courtesy of Brian Keene—come play! [You will have to register but it’s free and comes with perks]

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