Important Announcement (6 Days/Maelstrom)

From the Publisher (Thunderstorm/Maelstrom):


First off I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the excitement that is buzzing around for the Maelstrom line.  Brian and Kelli have done an excellent job marketing the books.

Back when Brian and I first started discussing the idea and agenda of this line, it didn’t take long for both of us to agree that one of the primary purposes was to create something that was not only successful, profitable, and cherished, but also something that was economically-friendly in today’s tough environment.  And I think this is catching on…big time.  So much so that much of the original excitement over the books is now turning into fear of not being online the exact moment they go on sale and missing out on this awesome offer.  And although I am extremely grateful for this high demand, it isn’t 100% coessive with the original agenda.

So, with both Brian and Kelli’s approval, the I have decided to honor ALL direct orders taken on October 1st.  You do not need to call into or miss work.  You do not need to wake up early or stay up extra late.  You do not need to worry if 250 other people get in line ahead of you.  In fact, you do not need to worry about anyone else at all.  It is entirely in your hands.  All you have to do is commit to taking a few minutes out of your day and placing the order sometime between midnight (AZ/Pacific time) October 1st and 11:59 PM (AZ/Pacific time) October 1st.

This isn’t motivated by wanting more orders.  I am entirely happy if we end up with 250.  This is about doing what is best for the customer.

So, many collectors by now want to know the specifics of what happens on October 2nd.  Simple:  if we have not reached 250 orders, the books will remain up for sale until we do so and the final print run will be 250 (and the above is moot).   if we do reach 250 or more orders, the print run will be set to that specific amount and the books will be SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT at that point.  So even if there ends up being more than 250, collectors are getting books that sold out within 24 hours.    Note, this is not a long preorder period…not months, not weeks, not days.  This is only valid that ONE day.

Also, just in case you are curious and such… Yes, Brian and Kelli will receive royalties on whatever amount is sold…  And no, bookstore allotments will not be adjusted, this offer is for direct customers.

Questions or comments…post here.


To follow along or post questions/concerns, see the message board link here. And I would like to thank everyone for their support… which is what caused all this =)))

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