Just Say No

apple_money…to cash? Seriously?

Ok, I saw this link on Twitter thanks to John Passeralla and thought it was a joke. But when I clicked the link I found it wasn’t. It really really, really wasn’t. The 140th richest man on the planet has lost his mind.

Didn’t click the link above? Let me give you a clue: Apple will not accept cash for iPads. Cash. You know, the only tender in the country that is made on a government level and actually says “legal tender” right on it. Actually, what it says is “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private.”

Except Apple.

Now, I understand how a company with 25 billion dollars sitting in banks and no debt would worry about someone selling their stuff on the black market… NOT. It’s not their job to regulate the black market. It’s their job to sell to consumers. They sell them at the price they asked for and they’re worried someone will sell them for more? Really? And if 700,000 iPads, at $500 a pop, isn’t enough money for Apple, well then, they should turn away anyone with the gall, nay balls, to dare present cold hard cash to their registers. Cash! You know, that thing that Steve Jobs is trying to make.

Now I could veer off into blogging never never land and tangent about the economy and people relying on plastic, plastic ruining lives, and how we get more and more automated and many people don’t even bother carrying cash anymore. But I won’t. I could spew about how stupid it is to only accept “anything specific” and point out that at least car rentals are doing it to track you and their property. But the iPad is YOURS after you leave the store. You can give it away, sell it on craigslist, or throw it against a wall. It’s yours.

Oops, started to tangent there. No. I won’t. I promised. I’ll just leave you with the idea that Apple will not accept CASH for an iPod and see what you have to say about it…

Annnnd go!

ps. Thank you Mr. Jobs, you’ve birthed a new category for me: WTF

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