Kicking Karma’s Ass

from panhala.netHow people treat you is their karma;
how you react is yours.
~ Wayne Dyer

Karma is balance. People often forget, like anything that has balance to it, karma is a two-headed monster—one will bite you, the other will kiss you. Most people bring up karma when something bad happens and they want the universe to deliver some cosmic retribution for another’s sins, or a wrongdoing. But karma is also about the good, and what you put out there will come back at you… It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to be bitten or kissed.

The gypsies believed in karma. They also believed in helping it along when necessary. I don’t think it was out of impatience while waiting for the universe to get its shit together, but more of a need to direct and/or witness the events unfold—to know balance had been restored. It’s one of the few things about being gypsy I do not subscribe to. Would I like to witness some negative karma smacking someone around? Sure. I know a couple people on karma’s list, but I doubt I’ll get to see it go down. And I’m not going to help it along. Because karma isn’t out there for the person wronged, it’s there for the person who did the damage. It’s not satisfaction, it’s a lesson. A balancing of energy and intention.

Many sayings I’ve heard from grandparents and parents and total strangers over the years are actually just karma—whether it’s at the other person or protecting your own—twisted into a different speech pattern or wrapped in the packaging of a different ideal. For example, “Kill ’em with kindness” just means be nice no matter what. “Be better than them” is just projecting good onto your karma scorecard. Even religious beliefs about actions coming back three-fold is just another way of remembering to protect your karma.

Karma is it’s own thing, and it will do it’s own thing, on it’s own schedule. Me? I absolutely believe in karma. And while some days I wonder if I wasn’t some horrible person last time around and I’m paying for it now, I’m just going to keep giving good vibes—whether it be my actions or reactions—and hopefully, someday, maybe, the good will come back to me.

How about you? Are you keeping your karma in check? Do you even believe in karma of any sort—good, bad or ugly? Think about it and get back to me… and make sure you wipe your feet off at the door.

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