Lemonade Stands & Vulvasaurs

Mo’con V: Kelli Strikes Back and oh boy, did she!! Although like every year, I walk away filled with memories and love. ahhh Mo’Con, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

me-moconI love thee for the roadtrip with friends through apocalyptic landscapes and inbred McDonalds, where the bathroom played “The Whiter Shade of Pale.”
I love thee for returning me to the birth of garage talk, and boys that know not to hide my trampoline.
I love thee for chicken Marsala and Chateaubriand.
I love thee for late night river banks.
I love thee for not letting me DIE after touching the hair of a diva.
I love thee for helping plan the hunt for the perfect margarita… and bail money.
I love thee for your tiny entrepreneurs and many cans of soda.
I love thee for allowing us to watch a fighter scream at other fighters on television.
I love thee for letting us kill Brian Keene again… and again… and again.
I love thee for giving me permission to not only swear up to 10 times in church without repercussions, but for allowing us to say things like vagina, penis, rotisserie sex and vulvasaur in a church without lightning.
I love thee for letting me scold Gary Braunbeck, repeatedly, in public with a giggle.
I love thee for making normally snoring panel viewers, active panel participants.
I love thee for Alice… and her Queen of Hearts.
I love thee for latenight con-ho smackdowns.
I love thee for creating book signing factory lines.
I love thee for your ninja assassin teams.
I love thee for proving Don Johnson is NOT dead.
I love thee for introducing the best waitress EVAH! “Here ya go… this might suck!”
I love thee for lines like “Aragorn & Gandolf were way cooler than Christ.”
I love thee for your Twilight Zone liquor stores and push-vs-pull door wars.
I love thee for LIVE radio shows and flying moon pies.
I love thee for newbies under wing.
I love thee for unspoken words in a post-party empty garage.
I love thee for magic battles and being called a nerd.
I love thee for big gulp sized absinthe… which were not mine!
I love thee for birthdays and anniversaries.
I love thee for thunderstorms and roadtrip snuggling.
And I love thee for letting me run the show and not letting me ruin it…

Other reports include: Brian Keene, Jim Leach, and Alethea Kontis, plus her pictures.

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