Life Got In The Way

bangheadI was going to write today. I was going to write yesterday. I was going to write tomorrow. Because yes, it’s that time of year where I can just go ahead and presume that my life will not be my own again until after the ball drops in Times Square…

I was going to blog about it. How I ran all over tarnation today and got nothing remotely resembling a Thank You from the residents of Tarnation.

Instead, I post this. A nod to the past. And why exactly a writer doesn’t always get to write. Same story. Different day. Slightly different reasons. But the basics are there…

Now I’m going to go cook, do laundry, call my mom, check homework, lecture a teen, do more laundry, check on a friend, console another friend, crank out an article before the midnight deadline, and maybe just maybe squeeze in time to go to the bathroom.

Happy… crap, what day of the week IS it?!

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