Life’s Hangovers

hangover1226533276I’ve never actually had a hangover from drinking, but I know plenty of people that have, and a few times that I truly deserved to get one. Over the years, I have seen some awfully strange remedies for them. I’ve witnessed everything from frozen concentrate OJ straight from the container with a spoon to sugared bread dipped in milk. But nothing is going to fix a hangover other than time.

Which is a beautiful bridge into Metaphorland, where we are gently reminded that not all hangovers are caused by alcohol. There are love hangovers (when you break up and just can’t let go), argument hangovers (fights done, move on!), migraine hangover (as in, dear heachache, you left, take your friends with you), injury hangover (the cast is off, the stitches are out, whadda mean physical therapy is gonna last for 12 weeks?!!), and the stupid hangover (you did it, stop whining and just own it). And that’s just a few…

The point is, sometimes the headache lingers. Sometimes, the aching muscles linger. Sometimes, you’re still tired… even though you slept for 17 hours!! So how exactly, does one get rid of the hangover?

Well, in lucid dreaming we learned to stop eating pizza…. and I have no idea what today’s lesson is or where I was going. I remember that it was supposed to be a blog full of metaphors, some thinly veiled others mimicking brick walls of mightiness. So instead, let’s just make it a game… see that lovely snarky paragraph above? Let’s move the happy snark down here and you guys can add to the list.

love hangovers — when you break up and just can’t let go
argument hangovers — fights done, move on!
migraine hangover — dear heachache, you left, take your friends with you
injury hangover — the cast is off, the stitches are out, whadda mean physical therapy is gonna last for 12 weeks?!!
stupid hangover — you did it, stop whining and just own it

What other kinds of hangovers are there, besides alcohol induced?

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  • wolfnoma says:

    I have “Work Hangovers” – that is where I either wake up still wrapping trains or putting food onto plates and setting the table.

    Music Hangovers – where I think I am still playing the Clarinet or Guitar.

    Driving Hangovers – where I wake up yelling “GAS PEDDLE IS ON THE RIGHT YA MORON!”

    Family Hangovers – Where I still don’t think it is safe to come out of the locked bedroom or even think about stepping foot into the bathroom. FLUSH THE DAMN TOILET DAD!!!

    I could go on but right now I have a lunch hangover and need a nap.

  • Susan Scofield says:

    Homesick Hangover – When you visit a place you once loved & can’t stop talking/thinking about it when you get back to where you live now. This happens every time I go to San Diego. My friends hate it, knowing before I leave that they are going to have to hear about how much I miss it for weeks after I get back.

  • Kelli says:

    ohhhhh i remembered another one! The Con Hangover… both the physical & mental exhaustion, and the missing of good friends and happy times =)

    and don’t forget, this is also up for discussion on my message board:

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