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If you enjoy my blog and all it’s chewy metaphor goodness, you’ll enjoy the story I’ll be reading. Even more so, you’ll enjoy knowing that you are part of the group that makes me wanna crawl out of my skin and hide in a corner*. But for all the nervous energy that poor Bob has had to put up with, and all the tweets about puking and having stage fright, I think it should be mentioned that I remembered something vital while rehearsing. I was Buttercup, damn it!

In junior high I was in two school plays. The Wizard of Oz and The HMS Pinafore. I not only spoke in front of people, I sang and danced for pete’s sake. And I did it without the lines in front of me.

This is easy. These are my words. I know these words. I labored over these words. I’ve tweaked and killed, caressed and destroyed these words. And they’ll be right there in front of me. I’m just telling you a story, not acting or singing or dancing.

So… come one, come all, and watch the Gentle Buttercup of Doom in her first live reading. It’ll be fun, I hope. It’ll be entertaining, I hope. And I’m bringing a zombie just for the spirit of the season!

Of course, Bob is still reading at the same event. And he’s still an amazing reader that no one wants to have to follow. But he’s letting me go first… so you can all adore me—until his silver tongue gets up there and you forget I even spoke.

*Note: I think sharing the writing process and the publishing speed bumps is good, but firmly believe that we should share more than just the positive or informative. How about a little reality? Thus, I have no problem admitting that I’m terrified to read in front of people… even if, or maybe especially if, some of those people are my best friends.

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