Live Specimens

A new novel for the holiday season…

The town of Mackinaw is all but abandoned at the end of tourist season. Now, with an approaching blizzard, a strange transport ship has crashed along the frozen shoreline—its escaped cargo genetically engineered for only one purpose… Death.

Howling winds hide the screams of townsfolk, as retired biology teacher Ken Jardine leads a small group to first understand and then destroy what they’re dealing with, before the storm gives the upper hand to the Live Specimens

Warning… this is not my norm. This is not a quiet horror, this is not a borderline thriller, and this is not something that will sneak up on you after the fact. This is point-blank, balls to wall horror. My nod to the pulp horror of the 80s. A grand old time of blood, guts and mayhem!

Paperback is available now at Createspace or Amazon… make someone on your Christmas list smile. Or for yourself!

Ebook version  and paperback on Amazon coming very soon…

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