I have taken time to reflect on recent events and how I inappropriately expressed myself. I considered trying to further explain “why I said what I said” or “did what I did” but time and reflection have helped me realize the reasons do not matter. What matters is that I caused harm, and for that I am extremely remorseful.

To Cassie (Let’s Get Galactic): I’m sorry I didn’t see how I was hurting you (and by extension, others who came forward) by asking the questions I did. I see now how it made you feel and I understand why. I am ashamed it took me so long to recognize it, but I do now. I offer you my humble apologies with no buts or excuses attached. My intent did not matter, I should have done better.

To anyone else I’ve hurt in this, I also offer you my apologies. I got wrapped up—trying to clear up a situation that wasn’t mine to worry about—and in my defensive state, I reacted emotionally and said things I now realize could be interpreted as trying to defend the accused. Regardless of my intentions, it makes sense why people took it the way they did and I am sorry. In the future, I will listen better and choose my words more carefully.

To be totally clear: I firmly believe in, and support, a woman’s right to define her own boundaries. As such, I stand with those who have been sexually harassed, approached in creepy ways, etc., no matter what they decide to call it. I will no longer suggest people use one term over another. It wasn’t my place to do so and it won’t happen again. I see now, my concern with labeling the behavior was misplaced and hurtful.

I will be clearing my twitter and starting over fresh. This isn’t to hide the evidence of things I should have done differently, as I know those screenshots are out there. It is a symbolic gesture of having a clean slate that begins with this apology and better self-awareness. Again, my deepest apologies to all those affected. Thank you for reading.


Kelli Owen


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