Meet the Smiths

Neighborhoods are funny things. And neighbors can be fickle things. You may find the greatest house in existence, move in, get settled, be happy, and then find out that your neighbors suck. Because while you can choose a lot of things in life, you cannot choose your neighbors. But I digress… Because this isn’t about the bad neighbors, or those that, oh say, come out and say things like “I don’t mean to be a bitch, but…”. This is about being in a new neighborhood on a whole.

In the old days, neighbors would greet a newcomer with homemade treats—baked items, casseroles, whatever. Not today. Today people stay in their yards, if not their houses. Today people can’t (generally) tell you the names of their neighbors, except the kids or pets they hear being called for across yards. There are no welcoming committees, but there are suspicious glances. There are no chats across hedges, but there are clear property lines and taller fences. The feeling of “hometown” America and apple pie and neighborhood get-togethers have gone the way of the Dodo.

Until you decorate for Halloween.

For those that have been to my house, you know of the stop sign we have that everyone ignores. Not anymore. The police should thank us. People actually stop—and wait a little longer than they need to—as they check out the yard. People walking by will stop and check everything out and comment. And 99% of the time, not see me on the porch, quietly typing away.

Up until now, the only people we’ve met are the ones “I” speak to. Because, as I said, they just don’t talk anymore. But I’m me. I’m the crazy girl that will stop the mom and kids, asking to see her ink because I can tell she’s got full sleeves but can’t quite make them out from my porch. I’m the insane mom that sees the guys in the firehall and walks right in and asks if the kids can check out the trucks. I’m the forward, outgoing, one that will talk to anyone, about anything.

Suddenly, we’re getting talked to. People that we’ve seen walking their dog past our house, every day, since June, are now stopping to say hello. Most of them started with, “I love your yard/decorations” but hey, it’s a start. IDMTBAB decorated her yard as well, but they don’t sit outside, so they don’t get to enjoy the camaraderie of neighborhood. They have a fence and privacy issue. We enjoy our porch, we like the sun, the feel of fresh air… and we get to meet the Smiths.

And while this is all fun and interesting, it’s kind of sad that it took a graveyard and dead nun to get anyone to stop and say hello. Considering, in less than a week we’re going to bring our children to these houses and take candy from strangers. Ironic, I know.

Happy Halloween, neighbors…

0 Responses to Meet the Smiths

  • The Dickie says:

    IDMTBAB – Bwah ha ha ha ha!

    We should so get a t-shirt made with that on it and leave it on her doorstep.

  • Monrozombi says:

    IDMTBABB is just jealous she does not have an awesome porch, nor have an awesome porch full of awesome people! Swine flu anyone?

  • Lauren says:

    Now I’m curious what she “didn’t mean to be a bitch” about! :-)

    I told Shane that our next house has to have a front porch that we can sit on and creep out the neighbors by actually speaking to them.

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