Mo’con 4… Love Sucks & There Is No God

For those paying attention, yes, I got divorced. Life has been icky for a while, between that and medical bullshit, and because that’s not enough, stress has been tossed at me like eggs from a teen’s beat up truck lately. BUT, for the record, I am happier than I’ve been in a long, long…ever! I know who I am and what I want and how to get it, and I’m enjoying life again. I whistle and hum and smile, oh my. So with that in mind, the irony of my con schedule just makes me giggle! My job at this year’s Mo’Con was to be the voice of reason, er, negative energy on the panels.

First up: Love and Horror, with happy couples [Tom & Michelle [Scalise-]Piccirilli and Gerald Houarner & Linda Addison] talking about writing and loving each other… and me, telling you how being married to a writer is not always fun, doesn’t always work out, and ok, so I may have had a momentary tangent or two where I spewed some spousal hate regarding support and understanding and jealousy of the muse, but remember, that was my job. Alethea Kontis joined me on the darker side of the love fence, because yes, girls and boys, you don’t have to be married to the writer to make their life hell!

Second panel: Maurice vs. Wrath, aka Christianity hasn’t got a chance. Yeah, if you know me, you know exactly which side of the fence I’m on here. I joked and said I was just going to sit by Wrath and occasionally say, “yah!”–instead, well, let’s just say I’ve been known to have opinions… and again, to that sweet girl in the audience, sorry for the snark, sometimes my outside voice just has a life of its own.

General con report stuff? Goofy con report you were expecting or looking for…well, it’s a new me since the divorce. Layers have been peeled—some thrown away and others tie-dyed to match my mood. It was a new way to con [and yes, I smell a blog that details that further]. There was no notebook, although Maurice made a great comment regarding that: “Twitter is the new con notebook… and everyone’s got one!” I left the picture taking to others for the most part, sat back and enjoyed the con. I pimped my novel [In The Shadow of Darkness, coming 2009/2010 from Bloodletting Press’s new imprint Morning Star], my upcoming chap inclusion [Fresh Blood coming May 29,2009, yearly triple-header chap from Burning Effigy Press], and my story/interview [Upcoming Shroud Magazine issue]. I spoke mysteriously of a secret writing project that I hope to announce soon. I got invited to an antho [over a dare, a giggle and warmed up chicken—and without the aid of Doritos!] and have 3 weeks to fulfill my promise. The “war committee” titled and talked about another antho. I made plans to hit Brooklyn after the move for some much needed and long overdue hang time with Linda [this every-few-years-at-a-con crap is for the birds!] I laughed until I cried, I lost my voice, I got a new nick name, I hung with friends, I kissed babies and shook hands. It was a good con. Then again, Mo’Con being more of a family reunion than a convention is generally like that…

If you were there this year, it was GREAT to see you [please share your pics!!], hang with you, discuss whatever with you and get threatened by you [my thighs are not for biting, you know who you are!]. If you weren’t, you should really rectify that next year. Why? Because if you go through history and read all the Mo’Con reports over the years, you’ll see that you’re missing a great weekend. And not for nothing, but next year is Kelli-Con [as Maurice is referring to it]. I will be a GOH and am being allowed to help mold the discussions, panels and events. I’ve already cemented “Sex and Fiction” which promises to be hysterical, informative and probably quite embarrassing for some—good times! [We’ve actually got a full outline with some fun new things, but I’ll let Mo announce that stuff] It’s also going to be Maurice’s 40th birthday, which means that this little town and his little church had probably brace themselves… you however, will be just fine, so clear your calendar and come along for the ride!!

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  • Sara says:

    It was great to see you, Kelli! I’m glad we got a chance to chat and that you had such a good time. I promise, next year, a fruit tray for breakfast and a veggie tray for dinner!

  • Jenn says:

    It was great to see you–never a dull moment w/ your hilarious jokes & antics!! Thanks for coming out!! See you next year…..
    Kelli*Con 2010!!

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