Mo’Con V


So… whatcha doing this weekend? Guess where I’ll be. Yep. Indianapolis. Because I love the midwest—er, Maurice. And because I took over the con.

It was a joke. I never expected him to do it. But he did. So yes, the “kelli” in “kelli strikes back” would be me. And since I get to be in charge of programming, we’re going to have fun!!  There will be poetry and flash fiction. There will be blogging faux pas and penises. Jerry Springer vs. God. And food—lots of wonderful food. And of course, friends, family, colleagues, and smoke breaks full of amazing conversations. Beyond just me, the guests include: Brian (zombie guy) Keene, Wrath James (could kill you with his pinky) White, Alethea (bow to the princess) Kontis, Jason (not the porn star) Sizemore, Chesya (the original Diva) Burke, Alex (if only my stick figures looked that good) McVey, and others (not that wannabe writer that changed his name to And Others).

You sure you want to miss this?

There will also be Dark Faith and Last Rites. Each full registration will receive a copy and over fifteen contributors will be on hand for a mass signing. And since I’ll have a pen handy, I may actually bring some other things to sign…and holy crap if Alethea didn’t convince me to bring my pathetic attempt at art along (yes, to give you all something to laugh at).

So yeah, this weekend… what are you doing? If you’ve got no plans and can swing it… here’s a suggestion: Mo’Con!!

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