Neighborhood Update

New Review from The Crow’s Caw

[…] This ride is richly landscaped, with a number of signs potentially diverting you from the final destination. Owen does a fantastic job of keeping you guessing… […] (full review here)

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And for giggles… check out the music I listened to while writing this. That’s right, I went and started an 8tracks account. And yes, you will see others in the future.

Another review… from The Word Zombie

[…] As you are introduced to the inhabitants of Neillsville, you find they all are drawn with the richness of depth and each is given a piece of the story to tell.  Owen slowly accumulates these moments, building a careful and subtle picture of a neighborhood where something is just not quite right.  It’s not clear what’s off in the town, but there is no escaping it – like a fingerprint smudge across your glasses; it’s indistinct, but right there in front of your eyes. […] (full review here)


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