No shirt, no shoes, no pants!

No deep thought blog or pissy spew this week, too busy polishing a story that’s already a week late (yes, I learned my deadline techniques from Brian). Instead I leave you with two things…

First, I will be on the Funky Werepig next Sunday night, without pants (as it seems the standard for the show) and you should all log in and listen. I will be randomly giving away prizes and can guarantee there will be snark and silliness. Join me at 9pm Eastern time!!

Secondly, Shroud Magazine posted a review for Burning Effigy’s Fresh Blood a while back, and I totally forgot to post the draft blog!  They had this to say about my contribution to the inaugural release of a [hopefully] annual showcasing of three horror up-and-comers:

“Left Dead”, by Kelli Dunlap, (whose first novel is forthcoming from Morning Star Press), is a hard-bitten tale of a mother seeking revenge for her daughter’s abuse. In an uncompromising, terse narrative, Dunlap characterizes well the maternal rage of a mother striking back at the man who destroyed her daughter’s innocence. In many ways, the hook at the end is expected – but that doesn’t diminish the story, by any means. In fact, it’s a twist that readers will suspect but dread all the same, giving the story that much more punch.

Now doesn’t that just make you want to buy one? They’ve already burned through the first print run [in a record 8 days], and I say we make their printer do it again! If you don’t have one, hop over and get one. If you do, grab an extra… after all, Christmas is coming and you can always use it as a gift for that hard-to-find-something-for person on your list.

And remember… Sunday, Funky Werepig, no pants.

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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