None of this is real

Nightmare“It was a dark and stormy nightmare.”
~ Neil Gaiman, “Sandman”

I have this neat trick. I don’t lucid dream (oh but don’t I wish!), but I can wake up. The second I realize, or think, or say “none of this is real” or “this is a dream”, I ‘m instantly awake. Of course, I wish I hadn’t said that during the Johnny Depp dreams of 2007 but alas, I did. Which is only mentioned to point out that it works on good and bad dreams. Well, and because it’s Depp. It would be nice if I had more control. If I knew that saying that would wake me. I don’t. It sucks. But in a good way when it’s a nightmare.

I had four nightmares last night. Back to back. I kept realizing there was no way this was happening and waking up… and then going right back in. Now, mind you, not back to the same dream or same spot, though I’ve done that accidentally in the past. No, I mean that I went back into that negative world. The characters were the same. The outcome the same. But how we got there each time was different. It was like a special edition DVD with alternate middles instead of alternate endings. And each time, I got a little further into the horrible end before my brain put the brakes on and screamed “I don’t think so!”

So, since it’s Thursday, and this week’s been nothing but remnants of Monday masquerading as its siblings, let’s talk dreams—good, bad and ugly. What do you do? Can you wake yourself? Can you go back in and pick up where you left off? Can you control things going on, or people and places? What tricks does your nocturnal mind have that it’s not sharing with your conscious?

Entertain me… I could use it this week!

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  • Nikki says:

    Dreams. This one of my few areas of expertise.

    First, I believe I can wake myself but I usually don’t want to. In fact, the only times I can think of waking myself is when I dream about an intruder in my home, and those are always very real dreams. My room is the same, my house is the same, and there’s a man outside my door or at the foot of my bed. In those dreams, I’m terrified, so I wake myself up at once.

    And once in awhile I can go back and pick up where I left off, but I have to try really hard. And that usually only happens if I’m having a *really* good dream ;) If I wake up and I’m not quite satisfied yet, I just keep thinking about where I left off and if I think real hard, I can usually get back there.

    And typically I can control things unless it involves water or teeth. Don’t ask me why. I have this recurring dream of being on a beach that’s closed off on 3 sides, and the waves constantly smash over me or drive me into a wall. And I constantly (much to my dismay) have dreams about my teeth falling out, which I *hate* because I can taste the blood, I can feel the raw spot where the tooth used to be…ugh. But in those circumstances, I usually just have to roll with it. Typically, though, I am a lucid dreamer. I can make decisions on where to go, and if there’s someone or something missing from the dream that I want or need there, I can usually dream them in. It’s fun :)

    Sorry. That was really long-winded…but there’s much I have to say about dreams :P

  • phyllis says:

    Ever since I have been on medication I have been a very lucid dreamer. I can wake up by only being scared. I can return to where I have left off and continue my dream. I must say my dreams have either been terrifying (like my youngest daughter being sucked into a sink hole) or extremely weird (like being Kimora Lee’s assistant?).. But they are all VERY real.

    Previous to the medication, I could never go back to my dreams and they were not lucid. They were always in black and white; no sound, but I could hear.

  • wolfnoma says:

    The dreams that I remember, the ones that scare me, the ones that make me wish I were still asleep are few, rare and separated by endless hours of consciousness.

    As for the subject matter of my dreams, well, those are mine and I am not ready to share them at this time.

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