Now with Retsin!

thumbs_upOk then… I’m going to attempt to blog every day. While I don’t have 20% more thesaurus, I do have opinions and stories and well, my life is a circus and there’s always something I can spew about. That said, blah blah blah is in effect.

And with that comes a few fun updates to the blog.

Because most of my lovely readers just read and refuse to let me know they were there, I now give you three toys to play with. At the bottom of each post you’ll now see:

  • Fshare — click and post a “share” link on your facebook
  • Retweet — click to retweet the entry to your Twitter followers
  • Stars — click 1-5 to rate the post

So even if you don’t respond, please share it with others if you liked the post you read, and give it stars to show how much. And yes, if you hate it, give it 1 star to say so… of course, I’d love a comment with that to know what you didn’t like, but *sniff* I understand…

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