Welcome to 2009. The year of the Ox. Predictions are flying across google and resolutions have been tossed out at the universe. A lot of people are hoping that 2009 is better than 2008. I get that. I’m among them. 2009. It looks funny if you stare at it for too long. I was going to do a numerology thing for the year, but as I said, google has that covered, so rather than dumping all our time and energy into the first of 365 days, let’s just look at numbers in general…

My favorite number has always been three. 3, three, tres, trois, drei, τρία, pick one… I don’t know why, but I it has been.  Actually, numbers play a big part in a lot of my life. I have an accounting degree, I’m a math geek, and I see numbers and their connections in a lot of strange ways. My brother was born x/8/88… ohh, look at the eights! And Alethea was born 1/11/xx… look at the ones! I was born in ’69, my sister was the next decade plus two [’71], my brother was the next decade plus 2 [’83] and then my other brother ruined the pattern with ’88. See? Numbers are everywhere.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to get married on June 3rd. Spring and a three. March 3rd was my grandfather’s birthday and wouldn’t work. April 3rd was a day off from my mother’s birthday. May is trite. July is too hot. June wins! I married my ex-husband on June 3rd… 3 years and 3 days after our first date. Because I love 3.

But you know, I’m fighting with 3 right now. I wasted my dream wedding day on someone that… nevermind. I wasted it. And I can never have it back. I miss my grandfather, so 3/3 sucks now. And I’m about a breathe and a half from being out of the 3Xs. Yeah. Me and 3 are fighting. Matter of fact, there’s a good chance that if I have see a three involved in something right now, I would run the other way as fast as I could.

So tell me, since I bet you had no idea that this was a Coffee Talk [oh come on, it’s Thursday, you knew where this was going!], what’s your favorite number? Why? And do you have cool number patterns in your life that help you remember things or just think you’re a geek? [You’re not, numbers are a global “sign”… there’s lots of us freaks out there!]

Me? Three and I are sooooo over. New house, new life, new number. I think 7 will be my new favorite number. I can think of several things with 7s off the top of my head that are good. Yeah, I’ll take 7—seven,  siete, sept, seiben, επτά.  Now, would one of you kindly tell 3 that I moved… and you don’t know my new address.

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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