Squee!! It’s time, it’s time! Time to drag out the Halloween decorations and make a crazy display in my yard [ohhh new neighborhood to torture!] and fill my house with chewy goodness. I actually waited until October… and it was hard! I wanted to put stuff out weeks ago. Um, well, ok… truth be told, there are a “few” things scattered here and there. Which brings us to this week’s coffee talk!

While my kids rummaged through the costumes and tried all their old ones on the Hippie’s children, Manda found the singing skeleton. While digging for make-up one friday night, Mark found the static electricity ball. Of course these things had to come out immediately, because they’re the kids’ favorites. What is your favorite Halloween decoration? Inside and out—yes, I’m nice and that way you can pick two! Is it the skeleton that sings Super Freak? The lightning ball of purple streaks that crackles and sparks? Or is it the gigantic spider with glowing eyes, or the hanging banshee that howls when someone walks past?

I can’t narrow down which grave, it changes daily, so I’m going to have to go with my outside choice being the graveyard in general. It’s huge and fun and I’m soooooo putting it out today! Inside? Hmmm… I really like the goofy knickknacks—brains in jars, et. al.—but think I may be even more partial to the dead tree candelabra, or hmmm. No. Wait. The haunted bookshelf wall cling, that’s it! Ancient books and rats and poison and skulls and spiders, all in one spot. Yes, that’s the inside winner.

So? What’s your favorite decoration? Because it’s October… it’s time to decorate for death. And oh my god! Reason 942 that I’m glad I moved here: there are entire stores of Halloween chewy goodness, and they are soooo kidnapping my wallet this weekend—I need a new gravestone!!

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  • I like my Lombardo lawn decoration. It doubles as a halloween treat and a way to scare off the neighborhood kids during the year

  • Kevin Lucia says:

    I don’t have a favorite decoration, but Halloween has always been a favorite around here. My daughter’s been asking about it for weeks. MY favorite costume I haven’t managed to dress up as yet: Mr. Dark, the Illustrated Man from “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, by Bradbury. Would love to freak the kids out at school with that, but don’t know how to manage all those tattoos, and I’m not wimping out with the silly tattoo sleeve…

    Oh, BTW…do you have a Spirit of Halloween? We do. Right in town. ‘Tis awesome: http://www.spirithalloween.com/

  • Monrozombi says:

    My favorite decoration growing up was my mom’s ceramic pumpkin and ghost sets with lights in them. I don’t have any kick ass Halloween decorations. But my costume this year, I’m going as Jeff Heimbuch. I’m getting down to 65lbs and taking bass lessons to lower my voice and getting glasses and a shirt that says I’m Jeff Heimbuch Bitch! PS I’m coming down to steal the superfreak singing skeleton!

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