You know, I often wonder how Walt Disney’s childhood was—he wasn’t orphaned or beat or anything like that—but damn, the man had a proclivity for killing off parents in his movies! According to wikicrapita, [what? I have an opinion] at least 17 films had no mother and 25 had no parents at all. WTF?! And yet, we love these movies and show them to our children… sometimes repeatedly [Little Mermaid and Lion King were played so often for the girl child that we went through several copies of each and all the adults in her life could recite them…I can still do all the songs].

So what’s my point? Nothing, just a thought I had that leads to this week’s coffee talk. You watched them as kids, possibly still do as an adult, and put them on for your own children, nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, etc. And the question becomes: Of all the Disney animated movies, which is your favorite… and why? Was that your favorite as a kid or an adult? If different, which was when and how/why did they change? Cartoons are fun, even when they’re killing off all the parents, and Disney outshined every other studio for many years… so which of his little stars did you wish upon?

Me? Easy. Sleeping Beauty [oddly enough, one of a handful of characters that wasn’t an orphan]. Always. I loved and still love everything about this movie [and love the ballet with equal fervor!]. From the silliness of the three faeries dueling over which color her dress should be, to the woodland animals creating a dream prince. I even thought Maleficent was the biggest bad of all evil witches in the entirety of Disney’s vault—and adored her for it! Tchaikovsky was just a bonus, but a damn fine one at that [of course, it helped that I loved his stuff as well]. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I’ll love that movie, and Tchaikovsky [and his sleeping beauty waltz, playing right now] will be on my play list.  And you?

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  • Bob Ford says:

    I don’t know if it was Disney or not, and imdb.com just babbles off a bunch of Russian credits, but I was a huge fan of Rikki Tikki Tavi. I think it had something to do with the loyalty between friends, even to the point of risking your own life, that got to me. There was also the draw of it’s setting – in a strange, foreign land.

    As an adult, with kids of my own, Lilo and Stitch. has been watched over and over and over again. I dig that one for the same reasons. =)

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