Planes, trains and automobiles

Happiness is a mode of travel, not a destination. I like that phrase. I’ve always liked that phrase. It says, in a very Confucius kind of way, what a flick in the forehead often doesn’t. It expresses that argument that’s never quite heard or understood, and often repeated, over and over, at 1am—no one can make you happy except you. And it’s true. Happiness comes from inside attitude, not outside influences. You can’t buy it, you just have to have it, find it, be it. No one but you is responsible for your own happiness. Only you can take whatever is going on and either change it or accept it to make you happy, or miserable. Only you can chose to be a victim or a survivor. Only you get to decide how you travel…

So just for giggles, let’s make it tangible. Let’s make it a coffee talk! Which of course means, let’s play this metaphor like an out of tune fiddle… If happiness is a mode of travel, what are you riding in? Do you fly or drive? Are you on a motorcycle or a sailboat? What color, make, model? What’s hanging from your rearview mirror? What flag are you flying? What noises do you hear? And where are you going?

Since I tore the page out of my dad’s Car & Driver to stick on my wall at 11 years old, my favorite car has been a 1968 Cobra AC… midnight blue, black interior, five on the floor, thank you very much. For this question, I’ll stick to it, and pretty it up. I’d have a dragonfly prism hanging from the mirror—it catches the light and reminds me of summer. I’d have the windows down and either road music blaring to the point that the bass can be felt in my butt, or nothing but wind and the hum of highway serenading me. My bumper sticker says “Smile… it makes people wonder what you’re up to.” I’d be holding a bubble wand out the window when I pass people. I’d have smokes and coffee at the ready, with just a hint of cucumber from the air freshener mixing with those smells. And the best part? I’m going somewhere I’ve never gone before and smiling with anticipation whenever I remember that…

So? Happiness is a mode of travel. Whether you’re happy or not, you can still play the metaphor game and tell me what you’re traveling in!

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