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ebayPluto is not a planet. The zodiac does not have a new sign. And I’m on eBay. That’s right… eBay.

It was a bizarre moment in the garage—as I sat chain smoking, trying to forget the tax day from hell—when I remembered the week of pre-orders. There were some people (old friends and family mostly) that wanted my book but not Brian’s. No guilt, nothing to feel bad about, they simply don’t know him or his work but were trying to be supportive of me. I understood. And I told them to go ahead and buy the set and just eBay Brian’s if they really didn’t want them. In the garage, I wondered how many people felt visa versa.

So I searched eBay for my name.

I have to say, I’ve never done that before. Sure I’ve googled myself and other such vanity searches. But never on eBay. Hell, I’m not sure I ever expected to be on eBay. But I am. And that’s kinda cool. So I offered to make it better and the seller loved the idea. And now, the winner will get a personalized signature =)

dearebaywinnerSooooo… If you didn’t get my book because you didn’t want the whole set, here’s your chance. If you didn’t get my book because you didn’t have the funds at the time, here’s your chance. If you didn’t get the book because you were too busy lounging on a desert island somewhere and you’ve now returned to home and winter and the blahs that can only be fixed with a good book, hot cup of coffee and roaring fireplace, here’s your chance! Six Days is available on eBay… go check it out, bid on it, or just hit “buy now.”

In other news, because there was Pluto and the Zodiac… I have a new piece of non-fiction online.

My article, “Genre and Gender,” is now available on the Hell Notes website under Ty-ing Up The Genre. Interested in hearing reading as I lose my mind over that age old question (what’s it like to be a female horror writer?), go have a read, and a giggle. Hell, I start with this:

Men are pigs.
Men are lazy.
Men love sports, fast cars and loose women.

It can only get better from there, right?

So there you go. 2011 off to a bang. Six Days has shipped and most people have received their copies. I’m now an eBay commodity—go bid on it damn it, so I can be a bull in a bear market. I have a new article online because I heart ranting and I was asked to do so. And hey, there just might be a novella announcement coming very soon…





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