Post-Con Fail

redvelvetYep, it’s Monday. Nope, there’s no real blog. Hell, it’s taken this much of Monday to screw my head back on straight.

Yep, it’s post-con. Yep, the notebook came back for a zombie-style appearance. Nope, there’s no real writeup.

Easily my favorite con, and one I hope to never miss, but I didn’t really con like I would normally. I had a specific agenda—a 2-part plan. Powwow with a little brother. Hug, hold and smother a big sister with love. I did those things. Everything else was just butter-cream frosting on my lovely red velvet cake.

So while there is no real write-up, there is a post-con nod to a little brother and big sister. And a thank you. To old friends and new. To late nights and late morning starts. To sparklers and unicorns, burning books & timely bladders. To sunrise surprises and sunset meals. To 4am doorbells that come with smiles and roommates that don’t kill the messengers. To uncles that mentor and sisters that giggle. To frozen pudding and Watership Down. To Elvis on velvet and bunnies. To cake. To frosting. To Necon.

See ya’ll next year.

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