Pumpkin Spice

Obviously a creamer flavor… obviously a coffee talk… but no, we’re not done bitching about the costumes yet. Now I want to hear from YOU!

First we had the discovery that halloween costumes have become slutty fairy tales, because really, who needs Elvira or the Bride of Frankenstein or Carrie or any other classic femme fatale when we can have Cinderella and her Hooker Step Sisters. In honor of that, Bob made this (for Alethea, who giggles like a school girl every time she hears me say it).

Next we had the cave and cry, aka, FINE I’ll be a storybook prostitute… oh but wait, no I won’t, because I’m not anorexic. Instead I’ll be a freaking EGG, or whoopie cushion, or pumpkin, or some other lame over-sized joke costume that is STILL not scary for the season… bastards. Which led me to create this quiz on facebook. Go ahead, you know you wanna. You’re just dying to find out which slut costume you should wear… or are you a llama?

Now, now we have a plan… finally! I’ve dug through the costumes and almost shredded a dress just to make a point, but I found something. I bought a Sally (NBC) costume 6 sizes ago. Yeah it’s big, but I’ll cinch it and it’ll be fine. Spray the hair, do the scars, and roll with it. And, shock and awe, be in the spirit of the season! But this hideous experience has gotten my brain a buzzing, and now I have all these ideas for the future that will need to be made—which is fine, because with proper (normal) planning, I would start in July and be done in plenty of time. So I know what I’m going to be for the next three years now… all homemade… costume designers can suck it!

Oh yeah, a question, right? I’m getting there! A normal Halloween topic, whether on a blog or in conversation, is remembering what you’ve been in the past… let’s flip that around for the future. Come up with a great idea for next year (if you haven’t already) and share with the class. Given proper planning and an imagination filled with blood and guts and classic characters, what are you going to be in 2010, or at some point in the future? I know, it’s a tough one, but you can do it… and I won’t hold you to your decisions, so have fun with it!

Me? Oh there’s a broken China Doll and an Irish Banshee AND an Angel of Death in my future. And maybe, just maybe, a nice Trailer-Trash Zombie =) Now then… where’s my red hair paint?!

Bonus giggle: Sent to me from Jeff this morning… enjoy!

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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