Pumpkin Spice

Happy Halloween!!!!  In honor of today, I’m making up a coffee talk on the fly, or rather… maggot [because I have to be seasonal and themed and such, right?].  For most people, the first experience with Halloween is trick or treating. We grow up and stop begging for candy, but we often replace the candy with parties or handing out candy. And for those of us that refuse to get too old for costumes, we keep the crazy outfits on hand and abuse them whenever possible. So today’s question… it’s all about the monsters, baby!

When dressing up for Halloween, do you generally wear something fitting to you, your personality, your likes, etc. that just wouldn’t be appropriate the rest of the year [i.e. zombie]? Or do you go with something that is the polar opposite of you, all in the name of costumes and craziness for a night [i.e. hooker]? Second part: Which costume over the years has been the most like you? Farthest from your every day persona, personality and/or likes?

Personally, I love all things dark and creepy and generally try and find an icon to be for the night. I’ve done Lizzie Borden and Bride of Frankenstein and a whole gamut of females history, books and movies. After that, or rather sprinkled along the way, I’ve thrown in non-iconic, but still horror themed, costumes: dead bar wench, escaped looney, etc.  I have never gone opposite of me or my personality [outside of horror stuff—because I’m not really a zombie or vampire or any other undead things I’ve dressed as]. I’ve never done the naughty nurse or even a sexy version of a vampire… there’s always blood and gore, in the name of the fun and spirit of the darker aspects of the holiday involved for me.

So, what’s your answer?

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  • Ron says:

    Tough call. This year, I am a white gangsta. I have bling, my underwear is showing, and my hat is sideways. Anyone who knows me knows I hate rap/hiphop music, so no, this is not like me at all.

    Last year I was Dr. Frank N. Furter. Some would say that is a LOT like me, for various reasons. ;)

    When I was seven I, like half the boys in North America that year, went as Luke Skywalker. :P

    I generally pick whichever costume makes me laugh the most, or which I think will get the funniest reaction from others. Sometimes they suit my personality to a T, sometimes, like this year, they are polar opposites.

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