Random Acts of Silliness

A child is a curly dimpled lunatic.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next week, maudlin. Today, whimsy.

Since the inception of the friendship that came years before the lecture, the Hippie and I have texted each other bizarre things from time to time. Lyrics. Crazy headlines. Insane observations. Pictures of things in the world that are just wrong or stupid or silly.

We have only gotten weirder with time.

While cleaning up some files this weekend, I found this and remembered it fondly. And because all the kids loved it, and the adults giggled, I figured I’d lighten your Monday with a smile, while reaffirming why I should never write children’s stories.

These are texts I sent to Hippie’s phone one day in the middle of tax season. It was either this or lose my mind and beat up clients. This was the better option… (line break = new text)

once upon a time there was a little dragonfly…

he flew around and around and around all day long, making loops and popping fairy bubbles. he was very lonely…

then one day, a charming princess came in looking for a frog to kiss.

the dragonfly acted as her tour guide, telling her where all the princes lived and sharing his life story with her in the process…

after she kissed the last frog and got nothing but a bad taste in her mouth, wart on her lip and a broken heart, the princess sat down on a toadstool and began to cry…

the dragonfly felt so bad for her that he landed on her cheek while he whispered to her to be happy.

his wings absorbed all her tears… and that is why dragonfly wings shimmer…

they are full of princess tears and broken hearts…

and then the frog ate him!!!

*burp* And there’s your random silly moment for the day. Now try and enjoy Monday and all the foibles it brings as it drags you into the work week…

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