Reality is cool…

You know, I wasn’t going to blog this. I was going to keep this to myself and a select few. But the select said, “oh no, it’s real, it’s emotions, it’s all good… go, go now, blog!” So, ok, I’m blogging. But before I did, I thought about it—I’m still thinking about it. How much of my excitement is too much? How much of this high can I share before I’m annoying. I don’t want to be annoying. After all, I’m going to bat my eyelashes and ask you all for your milk money next year, so I don’t want you annoyed with me. But I also understand that nothing will ever feel quite like this first novel sale. While it will be thrilling and wonderful [and hopefully repeated on a regular basis], it won’t have that fresh, first-time feel to it. I post my thoughts and opinions and observations about submitting and rejections and the genre on a whole, so what the heck, right? Why not share the good parts? That said, I’ll attempt to keep the annoyance to a minimum, but yeah, there are some things that just have to be shared…

Typing “the end” was cool. Cool enough that I took a screen capture and shared it with others.

When my friends/colleagues read it and said it didn’t suck, that was also cool, if not a little relieving [can you say exhale?]

When Larry Robert said that it would see the light of day, that was WAY cool and I hit an emotional high I didn’t know I even had.

When I shared that news and my mom was so proud that she almost cried, and my dad so proud that I almost cried, that was beyond cool. I almost blogged on that alone. There’s something about knowing that your parents are proud of you… it does something to you.


When I got an email from a total stranger, telling me just how proud my grandmother is? The definition of “cool” took on a whole new meaning! My grandmother’s financial adviser actually hunted down my website just to email me and let me know how proud she is!! How cool is that?!!!! A total stranger? And while my guts spun just a touch at the thought of strangers reading my blog, I still walked away from the emailing thinking, “How cool!” [And since he mentioned perusing my website, I’ll throw “Hi, John” out there at him.]

In some weird way, a stranger made it finally sink in. I sold my novel. This is real. These emotions are not just smoke and hope-they’re tangible. They alternate their form, from butterflies of joy to pangs of fear, but they’re real. This is real [I said that, didn’t I?] Two weeks of being the giddy little girl around the house and it took the email of a total stranger to make it all sink in… All because my grandmother is proud. Now that is cool!

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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