Road Snacks

“We’re back… in the car… again…”
~ Timmy (Jurassic Park 1993)

Ayup, it’s travel time (tomorrow). Hooray… The Pike, Michigan, Wisconsin, grab the kid, turn around, come back. I like the middle part of that. I like the sleeping at mom and dad’s and visiting with siblings part. But I do feel a little like Timmy every time we make this trip. At least there’s no dinosaur looking to eat me on the trip.

So in my normal routine of things, I tossed some clothes and my laptop into the magical traveling backpack. Filled up with gas and checked the oil. And headed to grab snacks and drinks for the road. And stopped.

Now there are things that are standard—sugar, carbs and healthy snacks, aka licorice, sandwiches and carrots. But as I reached for the licorice I stopped and thought about why I always get red licorice for any kind of long trip.

I blame my mother.

Yes, I blame her for a lot of things. It’s okay, she accepts and acknowledges it really is her fault when I do this. This time, it goes back to my childhood. I always get red licorice because she always did. In those days it was the super long skinny strings you had to untangle (which I think were meant to keep us busy), now it’s strawberry Twizzlers.

So since it’s Thursday—oh come on, you saw that coming—let’s make it a Q&A blog. What roadtrip food (or any special treat for that matter) comes from your childhood? Do you consciously hang on to it because it comes from that, or is it now habit with origins you only occasionally ponder?

Tell me what your licorice is… and give me something to think about while I’m driving through Michigan debating some new snack food for the trip.




2 Responses to Road Snacks

  • Alyn Day says:

    POPTARTS! Growing up, I spent an ENORMOUS amount of my childhood on the road. My parents were military when I was very young (My mother left the Air Force to become a veterinarian when I was still small) and as such, we did a lot of traveling. Usually one parent would go by plane and scout ahead for living accomodations and whatnot and the other parent (Almost always my mother) would pack everything and everyone (Dogs, cats, kids, birds, fish, reptiles, etc) into our green Woody station wagon with the beat up old trailer on the back and drive. I saw a lot of the country that way. I developed my love of cheesy roadside attractions that way. I formed my love of Poptarts that way as well. They weren’t something that I usually ate while stationed somewhere, mom preferred us to eat healthier things in general, but a woman with what amounted to an Ark of sorts and 2-4 children depending on the year didn’t have that luxury on the road, and thus Poptarts became our food of choice. Before leaving for wherever our new home was, we were each allowed to pick a box (or two, depending on the drive) of Poptarts in whatever flavor we wanted for the trip. I have so many memories of playing I-Spy, Punch Buggy, and License Plate Bingo while gobbling down sugary toaster pastries. I always grab a box whenever I drive anywhere further than a few hours away, and I always think of my mother while I eat them.

  • themom says:

    This week I bought Bing Cherries. They are a little pricey, but I love them. So, as I ate these little treasures I remembered why I love them so. My Dad used to bring them to the cabin from his job in town each summer. My Mom would never had paid the price for them, the frugal shopper. So I tried to remember the other foods he brought us-hot fudge sundays-lobster (back in the 50’s-very unusual)
    Kosher meats and strange cheeses and different kinds of candy. Nice to ya

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