Rumors over the fence

Yes… the rumors are true. While the official launch is at Horrorfind Weekend, this coming weekend in Gettysburg, The Neighborhood is available for pre-order at the following locations: Camelot BooksBad Moon BooksHorror Mall. Note, Thunderstorm is not listed yet, as they will be available there once orders are open.

That said, I am requesting—begging?—those of you who will be at Horrorfind this weekend, DO NOT preorder one of these. Yes, you read that right. The author doesn’t want you to buy one… well, not yet any way =)  Two reasons:

1. The bulk of the softcovers will be with us at Horrorfind. Yes “us.” Bob, Mary and I have most of the softcovers in our possession and will have them at the convention for sale, leaving very little for online sales. So if you’re coming to the con, please purchase from us there so that those that are not going to be at the con have the opportunity to purchase those for sale online.

2. The con price is slightly lower than the online price. Afterall, it’s a con price. So you get con price and an autograph… and again, leave the others for those that cannot be there.

I’m very excited about this novella. I’m very excited for Bob’s as well. But with a limited run, I’d like to make sure that people interested in a softcover all get one. And for those interested in the ebook format… well…

Ooops, gotta run! Time to practice my reading for HFW and make dinner. Again, please, if you’re going to be at the con, leave the pre-order versions for those that won’t be. Thank you!!

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