Remember Sanka?  It’s still sold, I think. It didn’t taste too horrible when I had it [way back when], but it was decaf [pointless!] and instant if you wanted it that way. And because of that, it has a lot in common with this week’s Coffee Talk.  Instant decaf, baby!

Forget about soft sounds like babbling brooks, gentle showers, and warbling birds. What is your favorite loud sound?

My initial response is laughter. The loud outbursts of children that let you know they’re enjoying the moment. The gut-pinching belly laugh that causes you to eventually lose your breath and wipe your tears. Hysterical laughter that spreads through a room, but when everyone calms down, some don’t even remember what was so funny. That same hysterical-style laughter shared by only a few that can be triggered again with a simple look or word [1 missed call… Jesus!]. Hell, even forced laughter is a good noise in the right circumstances.

My second and more obvious response is speaker-crackling, bass-slamming rock/metal music that is so loud you can’t hear your own thoughts. You can drive, clean or otherwise occupy your hands, while your mind is in the moment rather than whatever stress is trying to suck it dry—and your mouth ruins a song you love, but it’s so loud you don’t care and no one else can tell that you’re off tune.

0 Responses to Sanka

  • Ron says:

    My daughter’s belly laugh is a joyous thing to hear. Unfortunately, now that she’s 14, I don’t expect to hear it again for at least 5 years. :(

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    The sound of my ex-wife yelling at me. That lets me know, after all these years, I can still piss her off.

  • my kids playing. of course, that’s also answers the question “what your most annoying loud sound?”

  • Bob Ford says:

    At the risk of jumping on the bandwagon, yeah, my first response would be my kids laughing. When Chloe was a baby, there was simply nothing I wouldn’t do to get her to belly laugh.

    Besides that? (all right, I’m cheating a little, but deal) there’s an incredibly loud night bird that visits here in early spring and the first signs of fall. It perches in a tall spruce in the cemetery and will sing it’s ass off while every other living thing (besides me) is sleeping. It’s range and repertoire of songs is truly amazing and in certain moments involving inebriation, it’s provided back up for me in the early morning hours while I wailed Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder jams.

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