Sex Sells

…we all know this. But did you know that the ability to spy also sells?  For those that haven’t noticed, it seems that there just aren’t enough people with actual hearing problems in the world, and the gods of both prime-time and late-night infomercials are unhappy about this.  So they are marketing the sound amplifiers and hearing aids to the rest of the world as a great way to spy on your neighbors when they’re talking at the mailbox, or find out what that chick is saying across the room at the party.


If we used this same twist [because I’m not in rant mood, more like a snark mood] on other products, what can you come up with as a fun way to cross-market something. Anything. Your choice. [Yes, this is your Coffee Talk question of the week.]

Off the cuff, I say we sell Chia Pets to the bald and/or thinning hair population.  Rub the seeds on your head, water, and WALLAH!  You know the “sprout-like results” are chemically enhanced, so why not add just one more chemical so that you can pick your hair color, whether you’re after blonde or chestnut or flame red—because we really can’t sell it across the board if it’s only available in turf green.

0 Responses to Sex Sells

  • seth says:

    i know you created this topic because of me, i know my hair is “thinning”, and by that i mean GONE. i would try the chia thing if it was possible. could be hot, you never know.

  • Kelli says:

    LOL! If you try it, do it before you move so I can the green “hair” sprouting all over!! hehehe

  • seth says:

    oh i’ll be sure to let everyone see it, maybe it’ll make me a millionaire, of course i bet you would want a percentage for the idea.

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