SIX DAYS: Annnd go!

From Maelstrom/Thunderstorm Books… pre-order NOW!


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  • Tod Clark says:

    Thank You

  • Jeff Stazak says:

    Hi Kelli,

    Just ordered Maelstrom 1 from HM! Can’t wait to read SIX DAYS along with Brian’s books. Very exciting.

    All the best, Jeff

  • Matthew Blazi says:

    I freaking love the artwork it really has gotten me excited for the release!

  • Rusty says:

    Ordered as well! Yeah!


  • Kelli says:

    snagged from keenedom before explosion…

    I just finished it last night. It left me uncomfortable and unsettled. It has been a long time since a horror novel did that. Well done!

    So, received my box of Maelstrom books, and did what I usually do, read through the first few pages of each book and then decide what to read. Well, got to chapter 3 before I realized it. Sucked me right in. Sorry Brian, yours will have to wait.

    Dammit Kelli – it’s 2am and I need my sleep, but how can I when you end Chapter 7 with that last sentence? TaseMeBro

    Oh well, I’ll grab more Pepsi, read Chapter 8 . . . . and sleep at work tomorrow.

    Finished this up last night Kelli, thoroughly enjoyed it. Super tight story telling, good pacing, what with the current and past flowing really well. At some points I was shocked when dragged back into the cellar after ”escaping” due to a superbly told flashback. This was testament to your writing, being able to convince me I was somewhere else, whilst still being trapped.
    Had me totally screaming at the pages at the end. [spoiler removed] Loved the final line, well thought out with the subtle message.
    All in all I can’t wait to read more from you Kelli, hopefully with thunderstorm. But if not, I shall track you down damn it…

    I just finished 6 Days……HOLY SHIT…..FUCK’N AWESOME!!!!!!Whens your next masterpiece coming out.

    I was so impressed with Six Days. I mean it. As I was reading, I kept thinking of King’s Gerald’s Game. I don’t know if you read it or not but I have this kind of awe with books/stories that are pretty much one lone character handed a pile of shit. I admire a writer who can make entertaining a story with a complete lack of characters, action, etc. I’m envious of it, in fact. It feels like something that would be so difficult for me to do while still keeping the writing strong and the reader interested. It motivates me to keep up my own writing, and to work that much harder. I hope my first novel is as successful as yours

    read this yesterday in one sitting … liked it a lot. now where is the next one, please?!

    My nan is a HUGE reader, Kelli (she’s the reason I’m such an avid reader) and she constantly raids my book pile. I gave her my copy of Six Days the other day, which she burned through pretty quickly, and said, “So this is her first book? She’s really good.” So of course I went on to explain how you allow me access to your greatness all the time and that she’ll want to read more of your stuff as it comes, which she’ll be happy to do


    Never saw that coming. I entertained all kinds of possibilities, but I got too complicated.

    Not only one of the most riveting books I’ve read this year, and the most entertaining, but also probably the cleanest, technically. You sure do rite pretty!

    OK, so now I have a problem, since the rest of your bibliography appears nigh on impossible to acquire.

    Anyone have a copy of New Dawn they want to part with? (No, Moof3r, not from your Twilight collection!)

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