SIX DAYS: Love me, Hate me

Fans: You’ve read my work. You’ve been to a reading. And you follow this blog on regular basis, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Well… guess what I can do with a larger format? Six Days.

Collegues: I pre-read a lot of your works. I’ve red-penned a ton of your manuscripts. You have thanked or acknowledged me in novels, used my name or personality as characters. It’s my turn. I give you Six Days.

Enemies: In another lifetime, I reviewed you. You may still be pissed that you only got 3 out of 5 stars. You may be holding a grudge because I created a negative star just for you. Well… here’s your chance to have an opinion! Six Days.

That’s right, this blog is for the people that didn’t necessarily know me in kindergarten or ever call me as “Kit”. This is for those that may still refer to me as Wench on occasion, or know where that’s from, or still question why I sold it (does this answer your question?). To everyone I’ve ever reviewed or edited, given opinions to, or told to delete entire chapters, bring it—see if my bark equals my bite! For those that enjoy my work, this is a bit longer, a bit meatier.

There’s only ever one first novel. This is mine. I’d like to share it with you. If you like horror and/or thrillers, you’ll like it. Love me, hate me, taught me or respect me—here’s the product of my sweat and tears and blood.  And if you’ve got $125 in a cookie jar somewhere, well, I have an idea where you can spend it.

“Six Days”… coming in four days!

(yet another graphic from my amazing cover artist—Russ Dickerson! *applause!!*)

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