Six Days: The Guilt Trip

Did we ever have any classes together? Do you remember our graduation? Were you at Muck Lake? Do you have a copy of the famed portrait of me with two black eyes (Nana just had to have that done)? Do you remember the cabin in Solon? Have you known me longer than you’ve had children? Do you have some obscure memory of me I’d probably rather you not share with the world? Do we share blood? Did we ever clean up each other’s blood? Ever celebrate a holiday together? Ever date? Or want to?

Well… if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this post is for you! Day 2 of the SIX DAYS countdown is aimed at the family and friends out there, because when you’re alone in the dark, that’s who you think about.

I always said I wanted to be a writer. Along the way I’ve been an accountant and webmaster,  a reviewer and editor—hell, I even worked in an onion ring factory for a while. Guess what? I was writing that whole time… here’s your proof!

But why should you buy this book? Simple.

The pathetic attempt at a guilt-trip answer would be: You supported me when I went to college. You supported me when I moved across country. You supported me when I made bad decisions and backpedaled to sanity, to reality. You should support me now. I was there to help clean up after that party we never told your parents about. I was there to pick up the pieces whenever your heart was crushed, and for a few of you (and you know who you are), that was by the same person—over and over. I was at all your games and events. I went to prom to watch your grand parade, even though I went home after the parade because I didn’t have a date for prom. I was there. Now it’s your turn.

The fun answer would be: Not everyone that manages to grab one of these (limited edition!) will be able to say “I knew Kelli back when…” or “I remember when Kelli did/was/whatever…” You have that honor! And a few of you, names withheld to protect the guilty, have a special place in the book. Only those of you that have known me forever will recognize some of that “fiction” as “blood on the page.” Writers use real tidbits. They spew out their past, their experiences, and call it pretend. But there’s always someone that knows the truth between the lines… that’s you! Aren’t you curious what I included? I know when I finished it I thought, “Wow, my sister can never read this—because she’ll know every single thing that is real in here.” But it’s more than my sister. My family and friends could pull a variety of things from this… and yes, I expect the emails that will start with, “Oh my god, I remember that!”

There’s only ever one first novel. This is mine. I’d like to share it with you. If you like horror and/or thrillers, you’ll like it. If you knew me in another life, you’ll find treasures here. Sure there will be other books, but this is one I’d love to see my friends and family on board for from the beginning… And if you’ve got $125 in a cookie jar somewhere, well, I have an idea where you can spend it.

“Six Days”… coming in five days!

(yet another graphic from my amazing cover artist—Russ Dickerson! *applause!!*)

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