SIX DAYS Winner!

drawingThere are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

In another lifetime, I ran a large horror website. We had lots of contests. I never drew a single winner. I always had my kids do it. It was partially to include them in the fun of it all. Partially because I talked to, and met, a lot of people over the years there, and I didn’t want to be accused of fixing anything. I never was.

And I just remembered that.

See, I took the 71 names from the Six Days contest entries, wrote them on slips of paper, put them in a Halloween cauldron and had each of the kids draw one slip. To include them all, I did it this way to narrow the field. Then I dumped the cauldron and put those four slips in and had the Hippie draw the winner of the contest. And the winning name was…

Susan Scofield.

Qwee?! Really?!! I immediately made a guffaw sound and the tomoface. I couldn’t believe they drew someone I not only knew, but someone close. I looked around the room and on a whim of understanding the “you’re kidding, right?” expression, the other adult in the room drew a different name from the remaining 67 slips in the hat on the side of the cauldron. “Just use this.”

And I sat on the drawing for several days.

I looked over the entries again and realized I knew several of them, a good third if not half, so it wasn’t unreasonable to know the name drawn. Hell, one of the other names drawn by the children was Joe Branson (Tomo!). I hemmed and hawed and wondered what to do. Wondered what was worse: being accused of cheating, or actually cheating by changing the results.

Thing is, I’m a big fan of truth.

There was a room full of people, including the five individual participants, another adult and several other teens. She bought a book and earned the right to be a name on a slip of paper just like everyone else in the cauldron… The name drawn was the name drawn. It is was it is. So be it.

Congratulations Susan Qwee! Is it okay if I don’t mail it and just hand it to you at some point?

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