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Quick and dirty coffee talk this morning, because I have a cold from hell that I’m trying to beat before Alethea and Ron get here and we all head to horrorfindweekend—and said cold made me totally forget about blogging this week! Stupid germs.

In honor of my good oreo, er friend, TinaBeena, I bring up a question of age and terminology… and ask you all to help me answer it. With as much or as little snark as you deem acceptable.

I mentioned my boyfriend. I got chastised for using the term. I am apparently too old to have a “boyfriend” and she thinks we should come up with “a better, more adult word to refer to your companion without sounding like a sleezy cougar (my “lover”), lesbian (my “signifigant other”) or a biker chick (my “old lady/man).” Soooo…. whatcha got? Give me some ideas, thoughts, things you’ve heard, crap you made up on the spot. What the hell do I call him?!

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  • Amy says:

    Main squeeze? Soulmate? Better half? Other self? Boy toy? Handyman?

  • Skip Novak says:

    I like Handyman. Or how bout “The Guy who sits in the corner collecting dust.” Or my favorite “The Asshole who leaves the toilet seat up.”

    In all seriousness, Soulmate is best. If that is what he is. But otherwise, why screw with what works… Boyfriend. It is perfect and gets the point across. What gets my goat, is the fact that while I know my/our generation did not invent sex or relationships nor did we perfect them, I don’t believe that we ever were so presumptious as to tell our elders what is proper terminology when it comes to refering to anything in our lives.

    The youth today, in my humble and unsoliceted opinion, have an attitude the just seeps loathing for anyone or anything that may have any type of “Classic” feel to it. i.e. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Dodge Daytona’s, Ford Mustangs, or anything that WE as a lost generation of Pre-Xer’s or even Gen-Xers have grown up with. I have plenty of examples and I could go on but I wont. Not now, maybe later.

    Just one last note, my Mother has a “Boyfriend” and I am proud of her for it and I would never EVER tell her she can’t call him that.

    Stupid Kids, someone go cut me a stick from that Weeping Willow tree over there, I need to whip someones butt for being disrespectful to their elders. Also, where are my Bi-focals and my rocking chair and slippers?

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    What’s wrong with calling him your “boyfriend?” Up until I married my wife a few weeks ago, I called her my girlfriend, and I’m 30. I don’t see a problem with it. Or, if you don’t like the term, why don’t you call him a “gentleman caller.” Sounds more adult and dignified right? Or even a “Gentleman friend.”

  • Call him your hippie. I hear he likes that.

  • Peter says:

    Hi Kelli.

    I used to call my girlfriend ” The girl who feeds my dog” but then she made the horrible mistake of marrying me so now she is simply my Wife.

    I think you should call the man whatever you feel comfortable with.As for being too old to have a boyfriend..what kind of new asininity is that??

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