Slacker Monday

Sorry, whale-fail on the soul sucking Monday post this week. Instead I’d like to draw your attention to the message board.

If you haven’t visited, or didn’t realize it, I have an author board on Brian Keene’s message board. Yes you’ll have to sign up to see or visit or participate, but it’s free and there are an awful lot of good authors in there with boards: Alethea Kontis, Bob Ford, Brett McBean, Brian Knight, Bryan Smith, Cullen Bunn, Jack Haringa, Ed Gorman, Gina Ranalli, Gord Rollo, JF Gonzalez, James Moore, Jeff Strand, John Skipp, John Urbancik, M Stephen Lukac, Mary Sangiovanni, Maurice Broaddus, Michael Laimo, Michael McBride, Michael Oliveri, Nate Southard, Nick Mamatas, Paul Tremblay, Ronald Damien Malfi, Steven Shrewsbury, Tom Piccirilli, Weston Ochse and Wrath James White…and of course Brian Keene.

Sign up, come play, have an opinion, lurk and check out the rest of them. Current hot topics on my board that you may want to at least read, if not participate in, include: Paper vs. Electronic…aka the evil that is eBooks, and self-publishing… aka, I don’t need no steenking editer. Now come on. You know you want to go see what we’re all spewing on those fronts… right?

And I’ll be back next Monday with something profound and wonderful and a bit more public-minded that the crap that fell out of my brain this week. Because some things should be acknowledged, but not necessarily shared with the world…

Thoughts? Tell me what you think...

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