Starving Artist

SURPRISE! Not always a fun thing. Not always a good thing. And definitely not known for always being something you want to hear. Surprise truck repairs + starving artist = bad, bad things.  Other things have come up…

However, before I go and put things up on eBay, I figured I’d give all of you a shot at them.

Back when I was reviewing, I got a lot of ARCs—those are on the chopping block, in the name of truck repairs everywhere bottomless wishing wells. The first bunch, shown at left, will be put IS on eBay tomorrow night unless any of you are interested in something in the pile.

They are all perfect bound from the publisher with standard ARC information either on the back cover or inside. Heart-Shaped Box, Broken Angel & Home Before Dark have color copies. The rest are standard off-white stock. All are in good shape with no damage, as they’ve only been sitting on the shelf looking pretty for most of their lives, with the exception of Corpse Blossoms, which has a nicked corner on the spine but no internal damage to pages.

The pile includes:
Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill (published by William Morrow) *25
Broken Angel, by Brian Knight (Delirium Books) *50
Deep Night, by Greg Gifune (Delirium Books) *20
Play Dead, by Michael Arnzen (Raw Dog Press) *27
The Dust of Wonderland, by Lee Thomas (Alyson Books) *25
The Monster of Florence, by Douglas Preston w/ Mario Spezi (Grand Central) *26
Corpse Blossoms, edited by Julia & R.J. Sevin (Creeping Hemlock Press) *40
Home Before Dark (vol 2), by Gary Braunbeck (Cemetery Dance) *50
Halloween & Other Seasons, by Al Sarrantonio (Cemetery Dance) *40
Prodigal Blues, by Gary Braunbeck (Cemetery Dance) *40
Black Fire, by James Kidman (Cemetery Dance) *40
Sliver of Bone, by Ray Garton (Cemetery Dance) *40
Poe’s Lighthouse, edited by Christopher Conlon (Cemetery Dance) *40
Madman Stan and Other Stories, by Richard Laymon (Cemetery Dance) *40
The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others, by Kealan Patrick Burke (Cemetery Dance) *40
The Devil’s Wine, edited by Tom Piccirilli (Cemetery Dance) *40

(*cover prices listed for actual book, not ARC. As the ARC is a collectible version, I’d like to get at least that much, and would be really okay with more.) If you are interested, and please, serious inquiries only they are NOW ON EBAYas there is a truck repair bill at stakerespond by letting me know which item(s) and how much you’re willing to donate to the truck fund for it(them). You may leave a comment in the comment section below or email me directly at Christmas is coming… is there anyone on your list that would appreciate something off my list?

These are spiral bound, oversized ARCs with interior color art representing what would become their covers.
The Wicked, by James Newman (Necessary Evil Press) 60
She Loves Monsters, by Simon Clark (Necessary Evil Press) 40
In The Midnight Museum, by Gary Braunbeck (Necessary Evil Press) 60

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