Starving Artists

Oh fine, no one is starving, but I’ve already used Support My Friends and Spam Sunday [and well, it’s not Sunday]…

This week on As The Writer Starves, the twins discover their real father is actually their mother, Barnibus confided his love of all things napalm to his sociopathic mistress, and The Jamacian woke up in the wrong bed… with amnesia! Of course, I don’t even watch soap operas but that’s what you’d get from the commercials. The real world? Not even remotely close to that exciting. More like a blizzard, a postponed divorce and a gut ache that even the best artificially informal antacid commercial couldn’t touch. Boring! But I digress… this isn’t about boring life or even wickedly silly soap operas, it’s about pimping friends!

So, there’s this writer…

First up, John Urbancik. That’s pronounced Ur-ban-sick, forever, and no, we don’t care what he says about it. He has this great novel that you should get if you don’t have it… hell, you should get it if you DO have it. After all, Christmas  and is coming [eventually] you can start stockpiling presents now!!

From John: Breath of the Moon, the $50 limited edition novel, came out a while back.  Recently, the publisher closed shop and, at a huge discount, delivered a few extra copies of this my way, with the intent that I pass that savings on to you.

I’m not normally a bookseller.  But if you’re interested in getting a copy for $20 (postage included in the US; $25 outside the US), let me know.  Supplies are, well, limited.

About the book: Teresa Grove is destined to be the next personification of the moon on earth.  She doesn’t want it.  She doesn’t have much choice.  There’s blood, violence, sex–in a dark fantasy which finds Teresa caught in the middle of a celestial war thousands of years old…

Quick! Get while the getting is good!!!

In other news, the ivory tower over there on the horizon holds a princess. Alethea KontisDiary of a Mad Scientist Garden Gnome is live and running all month on Thaumatrope, the twitter mini-zine of chewy goodness. You should follow the storyline. You should follow the princess! And if you’re not, you’d better have a helluva good reason for it… have you seen her? Met her? How can you not adore her and want to stalk her every thought? Go… go now!

And finally, for zombie lovers everywhere, a book that doesn’t have a single undead creature in it! bwahahaha… Brian Keene‘s Terminal (The Play) rcently opened in Minnesota. Weren’t there? That’s ok, it was cold as hell and even I left the area. But you can still read the play and see what devilish changes he’s made from the novella and novel. Get it from Horror Mall… because you should, because you want to, and damn it, because I was the dedication [*squee* Thanks, B]. And if you don’t, he may give up writing all together and just go work at UPS… Do you want to be responsible for that?  I didn’t think so, now go… Get it!!

Thus concludes our Starving Artists speech for this week. Stayed tuned for upcoming news about the robot, er Texan, and more from the Princess. Meanwhile, I’m likely going to go stealth for a bit [or rather, a bit longer, as I’ve already missed a few Monday blogs], as I attempt to hold onto my sanity while the cheese on this divorce turns a lovely golden brown, the timer goes off, and the chef declares it done… y’no? See you on the other side. Now go shopping!! [or stalking, as the case may be…]

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