Sucker Punch

Gurgle, spit, pop… coffee’s done! Don’t you just love that sound? Those last dying sounds of a fresh pot being finished? I can hear a coffee pot make those sounds from two rooms away—while sleeping. I love that sound. Can’t you almost taste that first, too hot but you don’t care, sip of coffee? But what if you got out to the kitchen, and found that somone had made tea in your coffee pot. It would be like “thinking” orange juice right before “drinking” milk. Ewwwww…

And thus brings us to this week’s Coffee Talk question, which is actually fiction based. Have you ever read a mystery, trying to solve it throughout, only to have it be something that wasn’t even offered as an option in the last 300 pages? Ever watched a thriller loaded with hints and red herrings and twists and turns, just to be surprised at the end by something completely different, a left-field solution if you will. How do you feel about that? Are you ok with sucker punches, or do you think there should have been some foreshadowing along the way? Does it stengthen or weaken the story [book, movie, whatever] for you to have been blind-sided at the last turn with an option you had no idea existed?

Personally, I hate sucker punches, and a movie or book that was otherwise decent can be ruined by a poorly planned wrap-up. Half the fun with that type of book, story or movie is trying to figure it out along the way. If I never had a chance, why was I playing the game? It’s just rude. Gimme hints, gimme red herrings, twist the logic and cross off the options as we go… but do not, for the love of all that is holy, mess with my chi and feed me some bullshit solution that clumsily ties up and explains everything. I enjoy trying to figure it out, but I need all the clues to do it. If I miss the hints or fall for the red herrings, fine. But even Scooby Doo knew that you had to at least introduce the guilty party before you blamed everyone else in the room only to find out you’re wrong.

And you? Sucker punch fan or not? Why? Why not? And hey, if it’s acceptable under “certain” circumstances… when?

0 Responses to Sucker Punch

  • Zoe says:

    I don’t care for it, and I prefer a twist or a reversal that’s been foreshadowed earlier. If a story is heading one way, and they it completely change direction without warning, it does a lot to lower my enjoyment of the story overall.

  • Joseph Mulak says:

    Part of the fun of reading mysteries is following the clues and trying to figure out the solution yourself. I feel that if the author comes out of left field with something entirely different from the clues that were provided throughout the book, the reader is being robbed of that pleasure.

  • Burke says:

    They just plain piss me off. *smiles*

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