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Body Shaming | Buttercup of Doom ep 29

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Fat, thin, athletic, frail, healthy, chubby, skinny, chunky, fit—bodies come in a variety of shapes… This week we look at body types in characters for the 101, how comedians deal with it in the smile-section, and then dive into the current trend in society—from the playground to the media—to belittle everyone around us and/or elevate ourselves by pointing out we’re not them. Yup, there’s some language. Get your earbuds out for this one.

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Suggestions/Requests “mean girls” from Robin Burke (to suggest/request, use the form here)

Mentions/Shoutouts and Linky-Links: “What’s the worst thing someone’s ever said to you?” FB post

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This Week’s Rating: R (language) buttercup ratings system info here

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