…on the Seventh Day there was an eBook!

Six Days…

Originally published in a limited edition as part of Thunderstorm Books maiden voyage of the Maelstrom series, alongside Brian Keene’s “A Gathering of Crows” and “The Rising: Deliverance.”

Same novel, including the intro from James Moore, but of course, I can’t re-release it without adding “something” for giggles, right? Sneak peeks at other works, story notes and more are all tucked inside… like the good old days, when books were only on paper!

“Kelli Owen has pulled off a kind of dark magic with this book and done so with an assurance rarely seen in a first novel.  She’s made us care deeply about a flawed character completely alone in the dark, a scary one-character play peopled with everyone she’s close to…which is no mean feat for any magician.  And the ending packs a hell of a wallop.”
~Jack Ketchum, author

“This is one HELL of macabre, psychological mystery. Owen has a terrifying talent for pushing the reader’s buttons, one right after another, until you’re trapped in the same lightless, inescapable cloak of HORROR as the main character. One of the most suspenseful books I’ve read in long time, and a stellar debut.”
~ Edward Lee, author

“I’ve heard multiple people (some of whom should have known better) who genuinely believe that women can’t write horror or suspense or anything stronger than a romance or a good cook-book. I’ve never believed that. There’s far too much evidence to the contrary, but even if there weren’t evidence to disprove that asinine theory, the volume you hold right now would make a joke of the very notion.”
~ James Moore, author

“This is the best debut novel that I have read in years.  It truly is a brilliant work and I am proud that Thunderstorm gets to be a part of it.”
~ Paul Goblirsch, Thunderstorm Books (Original publisher)

“…serves to create a claustrophobic cocktail of unease and uncertainty.  In today’s world of omnipotent narrators and worn out horror clichés, it’s refreshing in a very Chianti and fava beans sort of way. Owen has set the bar very high with her debut novel, a bar I have no doubt she will be able to surpass.  Her blend of human observations, horror sensibilities, and gifted prose portend great things for her in the future.”
~The Word Zombie, Reviewer

Take advantage of the limited-time introductory price of $2.99, and see what the heck all these crazy people were talking about!

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