Insanity: Day 3

And on the third day… the gypsy said, “Share the love!”

Have you already read Waiting Out Winter? Don’t need a copy? Well… I bet you know someone in your life who reads, enjoys thrillers/horror, and who would be delighted to receive a FREE book just because it’s Thursday.

Who doesn’t like gifts because it’s Thursday? I mean, really… It’s no Tuesday, I understand that, but still, Thursday is a pretty awesome reason for gift. But damn them, damn them for not letting you just click a button and gift it like you would other things on the store. Instead, tell someone, anyone—your mom, the neighbor, that cute guy at the coffee shop—to go grab this while it’s free. If all of you tell just one person, and they share, and they share… well, I sense a very fun contest in the makings for tomorrow.

Go. Go now. And give the gift of the apocalypse to someone… FREE!

Waiting Out Winter — FREE for a limited time only.

**note: if the person you’re suggesting the book to doesn’t have an e-reader, they can get a free one for their phone, pod, pad or computer here.


Hump Day Horror

Yep, it’s going to be one of those weeks… pimpity, pimp, pimp. But let’s make it fun, shall we?

Did you already read Waiting Out Winter? Did you enjoy it? Well hell, it’s hump day—show me some love!

If you’ve already read it, liked it, reviewed it, etc., today I’d love for you to go grab another copy from amazon for FREE and help me get these numbers up. I’m currently in the top 20 on Amazon free horror. And I’d love, for just five minutes even, to beat out Dracula. Because it would make me giggle.

And most of you like it when I giggle =)

Waiting Out Winter — FREE for a limited time only.


FREE ebook

Gypsy girl say what?!

That’s right… FREE. For a limited time (ohhh how about through Friday the 23rd) only, you can download the kindle version of Waiting Out Winter for FREE.

Find out what the hubbub is all about. Beware the flies that are coming out of hibernation now that the weather is warm. And learn for yourself why the world doesn’t end with a boom, but rather, with a buzz…

It’s Spring today, and we should celebrate. Let’s call it my birthday present to all of you.

All I ask, leave a comment and rating after you’ve finished it. On the amazon page or on my message board. Let me know what you thought…

Nick and the boys return from the summer’s last hunting trip to find the streets empty, the beachfront and park abandoned, and the windows of their own homes boarded shut. The hunters have become the hunted, in an apocalyptic plague that pits man against beast—very tiny beasts. And Nick is determined to keep his strength, courage and family alive during what could very well be the last winter of their lives.

The 6th installment of the Elemental Series from Thunderstorm Books… Cover art by Nick Tripiciano… FREE for a limited time.

Happy Spring!

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