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Limbo | Buttercup of Doom ep 21

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This Week’s Rating: R — buttercup ratings system info here

In this episode… the Buttercup records LIVE on Periscope, while under the influence of sinus medications *cough cough Nyquil cough cough*. As such, the topics wander, her attention wanders, but in the end she covers Regifting, Best of (year-end) Lists, New Year’s Resolutions, The Packers, gives advice to newbies, and even manages to toss an f-bomb at the audience with this week’s funny video Tofucken (<– reason for R rating).

Sponsors: *cough cough Nyquil cough cough*

Suggestions/Requests from: Robin Burke — Where do I start with all these ideas I have?! (to suggest/request, use the form here)

Mentions/Shoutouts: A Necessary End by F Paul Wilson & Sarah Pinborough | Ernest Borgnine (with apologies to Victor Borge because that’s who I actually meant) | Brett Favre | Green Bay Packers | Calgary Flames | Duotrope | Writer’s Digest | Horror Show with Brian Keene | Dave Thomas | Three Guys with Beards | Dan Brown | Da Vinci Code | PETA | Peggy Glenn | From Beyond | Jurassic World | Fury Road | Star Wars | Crimson Peak | 2016

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