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Pimp my friends… the holiday edition!

Did you get gift cards for Christmas? Cash in your stocking? Bookstore vouchers? Wondering how to spend those? I got your back!

During December, I ran around social media asking all my author friends and followers this question:

“Which one of your books should someone experience? Not what’s new. Not what’s on sale. But if they could only have one of your books, which would you tell them was essential to their library?”

The following is their answers, aka, a lovely little shopping list for you!!


Paul Michael Anderson’s Bones are Made to be Broken 
Michael Bailey’s Pheonix Rose
Scott Baker’s Rotter World
John Bender’s Chainsaw
Maurice Broaddus’ The Voices of Martyrs
Kealan Patrick Burke’s Sour Candy 
William Carl’s Bestial
Tommy Clark’s A Book of Light and Shadow
Lincoln Crisler’s Queen
Frank Edler’s Brats in Hell
Thom Erb’s The Last in Line
Patrick Freivald’s Twice Shy
Christopher Golden’s Snowblind
Michael Huyck’s (newest one that’s not finished, so have this while you’re waiting) Of Dark and Yesterday
Jeremy Robert Johnson’s In The River
Brian Keene’s The Girl on the Glider
Brian Knight’s Sex, Death & Honey
Tim Lebbon’s The Silence
Michael Knost’s Return of the Mothman
Stephen Kozeniewski’s The Ghoul Archipelago
Kevin Lucia’s Through a Mirror, Darkly
Bracken MacLeod’s Come to Dust
Ronald Malfi’s Bone White
Nick Mamatas’s The People’s Republic of Everything
John McIlveen’s Hannahwhere
Mark McLaughlin’s Shoggoth Apocalypse & More Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
James Moore’s Seven Forges
Michael Allen Rose’s Indifference of Heaven
Mary SanGiovanni’s Thrall
Chris Sorensen’s The Nightmare Room
Wesley Southard’s Closing Costs
Jeff Strand’s Blister
John Urbancik’s Tales of the Fantastic and the Phantasmagoric
Bev Vincent’s When the Night Comes Down
Wrath James White’s 400 Days of Oppression
Chet Williamson’s Second Chance
David Wilson’s Deep Blue
Rio Youers’ Westlake Soul





AMA | Buttercup of Doom ep 41

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I said, Ask Me Anything… they did. And I answered. From questions on raising a family to my opinions on extreme horror, from why podcasting to what I really think of The Horror Show with Brian Keene, from blood on the page to vices to con stories… and even the never spoken of political views of a wayward Buttercup. They asked. I answered. You get to listen to it! And remember, this is the edited version. The uncut, unedited, full-disclosure version is available only to my patreons. Become my patreon, support my crazy, get rewards and perks.

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This Week’s Rating: R (language) buttercup ratings system info here 

*note: the Left for Dead blood alluded to is not what you might think, my dad is awesome!

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