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The Walking Dead | Buttercup of Doom ep 19

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This Week’s Rating: R (NSFW) — buttercup ratings system info here

In this episode, I have SPOILERS… and guests! Jeff Burk, editor at Deadite Press, hates the show but loves the comic, and Matt Blazi, zombie expert, loves the show and must protect it from Jeff’s opinion. With only a couple questions and nudges, I left them to duke it out while I ate popcorn (Cape Cod popcorn duos: cherry & cinnamon). They laughed, they cried, they disagreed, they bonded, and we came up with some new key phrases: galactically stupid, hate-watching, and going full-shane. It’s an hour and a half, and not work safe, due to guests rather than me!

Sponsors: Deadite Press

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Mentions/Shoutouts: Robert Kirkman (duh) • George Romero (of course) • Chris Hardwick • Talking Dead • Norman Reedus (TWD: Daryl) • Steven Yeun (TWD: Glenn) • Melissa McBride (TWD: Carol) • and the rest of the cast but by their character names for the most part…

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